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marksabrina's Journal

The Real Winners: Mark & Sabrina
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Welcome to marksabrina, the first, only and official livejournal community dedicated solely to the Dancing with the Stars Season 5 sweethearts, Mark ‘CJ’ Ballas & Sabrina Bryan.

simple rules – no hating, bashing or spamming with unwanted things. respect both individuals.
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it started with a gesture of pink roses on the day they met. from the cha cha to the fox trot, these two have captured the hearts of their fans. never has dwts had a couple with such raw passion on the dance floor. this is a passion so addictive that it has spawned a community of fans who love sabrina and mark and look forward to everything and anything that they may give us in the future. thank you sabrina and mark for your amazing performances on dwts. you have captured the hearts of us all.

are they dating? yes. are they engaged? no.
mark ‘cj’ ballas, jr.+
mark ‘cj’ ballas, jr was born in houston, texas and is the offspring of dancing royalty, corky and shirley ballas. they moved to london, england when he was very young and where he began his performing career. his dancing partner, julianne hough, and her brother derek hough moved to england when they were young and lived with mark and his parents. All three were trained by corky and shirley ballas. they became close friends and still are to this day. mark's biggest passion is his band almost amy. together with best friend, derek hough, they write and perform all their original music.
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performing since she was seven years-old, sabrina is currently a member of the multi-platinum recording act, the cheetah girls, as well as the star of the hugely successful disney channel movie franchise of the same name. sabrina also starred in and co-produced a fitness-dance dvd called BYOU which was created so young girls can have fun learning cool, hip hop style dancing and get fit at the same time. BYOU was founded in early 2006 and has sold more than double-platinum. she is also co-writing the book Princess of Gossipfor pocket/mtv Books. she also lends her voice to the National Spokesperson for healthy kids challenge which promotes healthy eating and lifestyle to school-aged children all over the united states. the cheetah girls' sophomore album "TCG" has been released.
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